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10 Popular & Famous Must Try Food in Batu Pahat Johor


Seaside Batu Pahat is blessed with many good traditional food stalls. I travel to Batu Pahat regularly because I love the rustic streets of unadorned vintage buildings. I enjoy the hospitality of warm town folk along laid back corridors and coffee shops. There are a lot of great food in Batu (as locals call it) and this is a list of popular and famous food stalls which I have visited and liked.

Chop See Kee | 2, Jalan Jenang | 1.850412, 102.927302 | 8:30am to 9:30pm

Love it or loathe it, Ah See Kee is the most famous wanton mee in Batu Pahat. Ah See's house made egg noodles are heavy and have a slight spring to the bite. Ah See's unique sauce is sweet-savoury and has a lot of lard in the blend. The rich sauce is where most opinions between Ah See fans and others differ 😄 I like it lah 😋

Popiah mobile stall | Side lane along Jalan Jenang | GPS: 1.850070, 102.927244 | Brekky to lunch

This side lane fried spring roll mobile stall is one of Batu Pahat folks' best kept secrets. The well browned crackly crisp popiah skin wraps moist sweet juices, bits of tender bangkuang (Mexican turnip) and pork. Perfect snack between big meals.

Ramly Kopitiam | Jalan Engan | GPS: 1.849267, 102.925445|  8:00am till 12:00 noon

Excellent satay at Ramly Kopitiam. The beef and chicken are tender, juicy and richly infused with aromatic and flavoursome spices such as cumin and lemongrass. They are charcoal grilled to a slight smokey char outside. The tasty mildly spicy peanut sauce completes this dish. Sells out early, so you have to be early.

Asam Pedas Mak Limah | 3, Jalan Dato' Tay Kim Peow | GPS:  1.852294, 102.925294 | 8:00am to 3:00pm (Thurs & Fri off)

I love Asam Pedas Mak Limah. The top quality Ikan Merah fish is super fresh and cooked to just the right moist tenderness. The asam pedas is a finely tuned balance of savoury-spicy-tangy flavours that accentuates the fresh fish's natural sweetness.

Ta Bei Shui 大杯水 coffee shop | Jalan Penjaja 3 | GPS: 1.858453, 102.929042 | 12:30pm till 3:00pm

The meen chang kueh stall in Ta Bei Shui kopitiam serves freshly made ultra thin and crispy peanut pancakes. Inside, it is moist, coated with a greasy savoury sauce, sugar and nutty crushed peanut. Another good snack between big meals during food hunt. Buy the whole pancake, there is never too much 😄

Akbar Cendol | 12, Jalan Engan | GPS: 1.849115, 102.925836 | 9:00am to 5:00pm

Akbar serves a few variations of chendol with add ons like durian etc but their traditional classic chendol is still the favourite of locals. Soft "worms" of rice flour tinted light green by real pandan juice in a bowl of fresh creamy coconut milk layered with sweet palm sugar. Chendol is the best invention to ward off Malaysia's blistering tropical heat.

Nasi Baryani Mohd Shah | Kompleks Niaga Peserai, Gerai No. 14, Benteng Peserai | GPS: 1.858509,102.922218 | 8:00am to 10:00pm (Friday off)

Mohd Shah is the most famous nasi briyani stall in Batu Pahat. The mound of aromatic long grain basmati rice partly buries a chunk of tender juicy mutton rendang perfumed with spices. A splash of thick rendang gravy tops the flavoursome treat.

Soon Lai 顺来粿汁 | 6-C, Jalan Fatimah | GPS: 1.849104,102.927711 | 11:00am to 6:00pm

Nearly 80 year old name, passionately run by the second and third generation together. The pork innards are well cleaned and done to a nice soft bounce to the bite. Braising stock is mildly savoury herbal. Eaten with soft kway or broad thin rice sheets instead of the usual slender kway teow kia of Johor Bahru. Singaporeans may wish to note that Soon Lai has braised pork blood curd 😉

Kedai Makan Swee Kee | 70, Jalan Abu Bakar | GPS: 1.852606,102.928445 | 12:00pm to 8:00pm

Swee Kee is a herbal tonic expert which serve their clean tasting, tea-like herbal soups with kampung chicken, black chicken, frog, pork and terrapin. Terrapin soup is rarely found in Johor, so it is a big bonus that Swee Kee serves a great flavourful one comparable with the best anywhere.

Yong's Steamboat 海口泳池火锅 | No. 2 M/S, Jalan Minyak Beku | GPS: 1.836086,102.926128 | 6:00pm to midnight

At Yong's Steamboat, the super fresh seafood is cooked in clean tasting clear chicken broth. The large restaurant is spacious and airy, which it makes it ideal for steamy steamboat parties 😄


👉 This list took me six years of work with the help of Batu Pahat locals and I am still updating it. Please share with me your favourites to make it better. Do come back regularly as I am adding to this list all the time 😄

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Date: 23 Jun 2017

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  1. the listed foods are indeed " LEGENDARY " popular ones but not really the best for nasi beryani and asam fish there are few better stalls around ...cheers

    1. Yes, you are right. Could you share with me your favs so that I can visit them too. Thank you :-D

  2. Got one beriyani in Batu Pahat too named BP Beriyani Power is also good.

    1. Yes, I have them in the longer list (link at the bottom of the post). Thank you.

  3. we missed the chendol the last trip.. gotta go again.

  4. no problem ...drop me a mail...most happy to being you around the next visit here ;)


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