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Ipoh Kueh Teow Soup in Johor Bahru Sentosa New Star Coffee Shop 新星美食中心


Came back for a visit at one of my favourite stalls in JB, a small no name stall serving Ipoh style kueh teow soup at New Star Food Court coffee shop 新星美食中心 at Taman Sentosa.


The signboard only displays what the stall serves, namely Ipoh kueh teow soup, prawn mee and chicken lo mee. There is no stall name.


The chicken, char siew and little prawns were all fresh and tasty.


The light and snowy white kueh teow (flat rice noodle) was soft and smooth.


But, the big deal here is really this cloudy prawn broth.

The savoury sweet broth has a heavy body with a robust crustacean flavour. It has the strongest tasting prawn broth in JB and that was what I came back for :-D


We also ordered a prawn mee. It uses the same strong prawn broth but instead of kueh teow, chicken and char siew, it was bee hoon, yellow mee, prawns, fish cake slices and kang kong.


Nice prawn mee but quite different in flavour from the more tea like broth of Penang style prawn mee.

I like it. You can check it out but just do not expect it to be like Penang prawn mee.


Good house made sambal chili. Savoury hae bee (dried shrimp) flavour with a sharp chili sting.

I have yet to try their chicken lo mee as I am here only for the good soup today ;-P Shall try that too, next time :-D


Click on the photo above ^ to read about my first visit here.

The boss Mr Yap is camera shy but I did ascertained that he hails from Ipoh and has been with this stall for over 10 years.

(I haven't been to Ipoh for over 10 years. Used to drive over occasionally on weekends for food when I was living in KL. Hope to visit again soon to enjoy the Ipoh kueh teow there.)


Restaurant name: Noodle stall in New Star Food Court kopitiam 新星美食中心
Address: Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa (Opposite Plaza Sentosa, formerly Lien Hoe Complex), Johor Bahru, Malaysia
GPS: 1.493268,103.769677 
Hour: 8:00am to 2:00pm (closed on Thursday) 

Non Halal  

Date visited: 20 Nov 2012, 5 Dec 2015

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