Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Mushroom Pau in Johor Bahru Pasar Malam JK1336 養生蘑菇包


Stumbled upon these "mushrooms" while exploring the pasar malam at Taman Johor Jaya on Tuesday evening. These are actually "mushroom pau" - I've seen these at restaurants before but was glad to find these for the first time at a pasar malam (night market).


People were out in full force this evening in Johor Jaya. Recently, December rains have washed out most night markets, so everyone is out to take advantage of the good weather today.


As I worked my way through the crowd and stalls, I spotted this stall with a clamouring crowd. The banner says 養生蘑菇包 "Healthful mushroom steam buns". 大馬首創 "First in Malaysia".


I poked my head through the crowd and saw two busy ladies selling what looked like big brown mushrooms.


The "mushrooms" were actually pau (Chinese style steamed buns). The "mushroom paus" are steamed at the stall in bamboo trays over a large pot of boiling water.


The mushroom pau costs RM3.50 each or 3 for RM10. I bought 3 to try at home.


The buns were the size of a lady's fist. The skin is quite thick and dense yet tender and bouncy. It tastes very slightly sweet.


The pale looking filling was a mix of tender diced chicken and mushrooms held together with gooey cheese. The flavours were mildly savoury sweet - a little too mild for my taste buds. Though I'll be happier with more assertive flavours, I still found these pretty "mushroom paus" irresistibly cute.


Look out for these "mushroom pau" out at the pasar malams - the ladies travel to a different night market every day.

Tell us how you like them :-D

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Date: 15 Dec 2015

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  1. Creative idea to have the skin dough created really looking like a real mushroom, I find it very innovative, the filling stuffs can be subjective. Steady Aunty! :)


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