Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Kip Wanton Mee Noodles Johor Bahru Bukit Indah 吉面家 JK1319


I was running errands in Bukit Indah today and so had breakfast at Restoran Kip wanton noodles 吉面家.


Restoran Kip is a neat little noodle shop. It is clean, nice and cool inside with air conditioning. Prices are the same as most wantan mee shops from RM4.50 a serving.


Restoran Kip serves five variations of wantan noodles based on different tossing sauces. There are:
  • Black - dark soy sauce and lard
  • Red - chili and lard
  • Red and Black - dark soy sauce, chili and lard
  • White - lard
  • Soup
We ordered one black, and one red and black.


Growing up in Singapore, I am basically a "red" wantan mee person. But, having spent a bit of time in Malaysia, I acquired a liking for "black" as well.

So, we ordered one "black", and one "red and black" for that Singaporean in me.

Black, red, white or soup, Kip's house made egg noodles were excellent. It has that nice soft al dente bite. (Kip's also have mee pok 面薄).


The wantan mee comes with a small bowl of wantons in soup. The soup was savoury sweet with traditional pork and anchovy flavours.

The thumb sized wantons tasted like a sort of softer wet siew mai. We liked it.


The wantans and shrimp dumplings are freshly made by hand at the shop.


We also ordered our usual braised fried chicken feet side dish for RM4.50.


Everything at Restoran Kip is made in house, including this crunchy freshly pickled green chili pepper.


The boss CC Wong founded Restoran Kip 11 years ago.

When Mr Wong and his wife started Restoran Kip 11 years ago, they were wondering what to name their new venture. It was on the eighth day of Chinese New Year and there were lots of tangerines 吉子 around as the orange coloured fruit is considered auspicious. So, Mr Wong decided to name their new shop 吉面家.  The cheerful orange colour of tangerines can be seen on the uniforms, and walls at Kip's. 吉子 indeed turned out to be auspicious for the Wongs as Restoran Kip has prospered and is growing steadily.


Restaurant name: Restoran Kip 吉面家
Address: 31, Jalan Indah 5/7, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
GPS: 1.483928, 103.647248
Hours: 7:00am to 4:00pm (closed on Monday)

Non Halal

Date visited: 1 Dec 2015

Which are you favourite wanton noodle stalls or shops in Johor and Singapore?

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  1. Tony, you should try this too. my favi.
    Huang Kee Noodle 黄记云吞面
    28-50 Jalan Indah 8/15
    Taman Bukit Indah, 81200, Johor, Malaysia

    1. Thanks Jess! This will be my makan place for my next trip to Bukit Indah :-D

  2. Had this yesterday, for Breakfast and then for lunch after golf (+3 packets to dabao). Awesome!

  3. Can provide map so that we can find the place in your food review pls?


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