Saturday, 8 October 2016

SUMO Big Prawn, Lobster, Crayfish, La La ⭐⭐⭐✱✱


Yeah, I've been a bit obsessed with SUMO Big Prawn noodle this week. So, this was my third time at Ang Mo Kio Blk 628 food centre because my makan kakis (eating buddies) wanted to eat this prawn mee (again). Today, we went for nearly everything 😱
  1. La la clam soup S$6.90
  2. Big prawn noodle soup S$8.00
  3. Crayfish noodle soup S$13.00
  4. Lobster & big prawn noodle soup S$25.00.


We first tasted the la la clam soup.

Woah.... all of us were wowed by it. The soup body was quite watery but it was packed with savoury crustacean flavours with traces of Chinese cooking wine. We love the meaty la la clams too - they were soft, sweet and very clean. There was no sand at all.


Next, the signature SUMO big prawn noodle which comes with la la clams plus big prawns added on. The same stock now beefed up with more crustacean flavour from the big prawns. From wow, it's wow wow. Very good just got even better.


SUMO's big prawns are great - the sea prawns have nice firm yet tender body. The meat was ocean fresh, naturally sweet and the head (mostly gut actually) was loaded with crustacean flavours.


Coming to the crayfish noodles - it has la la clams and then the crayfish added on.


The crustacean savouriness in the soup from the crayfish is even deeper and more robust than that from the big prawns. It's got more and deeper kick. The crayfish soup was wow wow wee 😘

The crayfish meat is also more tender than the prawn meat. But, overall I still prefer SUMO's big prawn as it has a nicer ocean fresh taste in the meat and the prawn head has richer, more intense flavours than the crayfish head (which is rather flavourless in comparison).


Finally, the lobster noodle which has la la clams, big sea prawns and a lobster added on.

In terms of crustacean savouriness, this lobster noodle is in a class of it's own.

It's the Ultimate at SUMO.

Hands down, tops in terms of what magic the lobster does to the soup.


Meat wise, there isn't much in the lobster tail. The texture is quite firm and the sweet flavour is quite subtle.

But, SUMO's lobster noodle is all about what the premium crustacean does to the soup like nothing else can.

S$25 seemed like much for a meal at a hawker centre but if you are addicted to this lobster soup, it's easy to forget how much it costs 😍

A real Champion here 🏆


Four of us, we finished everything and were very happy with what we had today 😋

Disclosure: We did not order the lobster noodle, but the boss' mum brought the bowl to our table. We were touched and quite overwhelmed by her generous gesture and graciously accepted it.

3-Star (out of 5). The soup was superb today - we finished every drop of the deep and richly flavourful broth from all the four bowls we tasted. Wanted to rate SUMO Big Prawn 4-Star but decided to wait a while to confirm consistency first. (SUMO just opened last month.)


Restaurant name: SUMO Big Prawn Noodle  
Address: Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Blk 628 #01-72 Singapore  
GPS: 1°22'52.0"N 103°50'27.8"E | 1.381116, 103.841055 
Tel: 9299 2621  
Hours: 9:00am to 9:00pm (Monday off)

Non Halal  

Date visited: 5 Oct 2016, 7 Oct 2016, 8 Oct 2016

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  1. Replies
    1. three times i came, the soup was always slightly different though it was very good every time. i guess they are still trying to find the best balance. when the soup taste is more consistent then i can rate it higher - maybe even 5-Star.


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