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Corner Bistro in NYC New York

The good ol humble hamburger is an American icon which is always a subject of contention. Americans couldn't agree on where the hamburger was invented. Every year New Yorkers vigorously debate which burgers rank among the city's favourites. Every burger joint has it's die hard fans and detractors.


Corner Bistro's place among the city's pantheon of hamburgers is a regular subject of bar top dispute.

The only way to find out is to taste it for ourselves.

Corner Bistro is actually a bar that serves some hamburgers to go with the drinks.


Inside Corner Bistro, the rustic looking long bar looked well stocked and the people at the counter were on first name basis with Harold the boss. Laid back and relaxed, it's like our neighbourhood kopitiam (coffee shop) in Singapore and Malaysia. People come here for comfort food, a tipple or pint and catching up on the goings on around town.


You can join in the banter at the bar or sit at the tables.

Corner-Bistro-NYC -New-York

Or, you can perch on a bar stool at the ledge and watch the world go by; which was what I did on a wet Wednesday noon.


Corner Bistro's classic hamburger. USD7.95 (before tax).


The burger arrived on a white Frisbee type of plastic plate, the 7-ounce patty was thick and nicely caramelised and charred outside.


This, and just a slice of caramelised onion, fresh tomato and some lettuce between a grilled generic soft sesame bun; that's it.

Simple and no frills.

Wait. There's also a couple of slices of sour pickled cucumbers.


The thick beef patty was done medium rare with some pink inside while the outside had a caramelised char. Nice soft texture and a mild beefy taste inside with a smokey tasting crisp outside.

This is comfort food, unembellished.

Comfort food at it's best or it's worst, Corner Bistro divides opinions. 

I liked it but people used to eating their burgers with lots of flavourings, sauces and gimmicky toppings may find this sub par.

Burger aside, come here for that authentic Lower West Side/ Greenwich Village Bohemian experience.

Next time.

Their Bistroburger and a good pint! 


Restaurant name: Corner Bistro
Address331 W 4th St., NYC, New York (Lower West Side)
Hours: 11:30 am to 4:00 am

Date visited: 11 Dec 2014

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