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Monday, 15 December 2014

Juliana's Pizza in NYC New York

When it comes to great pizza, New Yorkers are truly spoilt for choice. There are many big names with long histories, all with their own loyal following.


One of the biggest names in NYC pizza is Juliana's. Juliana's owner is Patsy Grimaldi, the original owner of Grimaldi's Pizzeria in Brooklyn. Patsy sold Grimaldi's Pizzeria to it's current owner and later opened Juliana's (named after his mum) next to Grimaldi's.


Juliana's is the small, 1-level shop on the left of Grimaldi's (No 1 Front St., the large white building on the right).


Inside Juliana's, the restaurant is compact but comfortable.


I took a seat at the bar counter which offered a prime window view of the kitchen. I learnt a lot watching the pizza chefs at work and had a lot of fun too :-D


They say the secrets behind New York City's marvellous pizzas are it's water and the coal burning ovens.


Juliana's pizzas are made with their original vintage coal burning brick oven.


I don't know about New York's water but the ultra hot coal ovens are certainly responsible for NYC pizza's signature crisp and char.


Everything is done from scratch, the artisanal way on premise at Juliana's.


Chef making a classic Margherita pizza. The last step before putting the pizza in the oven was to pour in a generous dose of olive oil.


My classic Margherita pizza with additional juicy roasted peppers.


Eating my pizza like a New Yorker. 

Pinch and fold the thin crispy slice in the middle between the fingers and eat it with the hand.

Crispy crust topped with a mild savoury layer of melted mozzarella cheese  and juicy fresh tomatoes, peppers and basil leaves. The slice was slightly soft and the topping drippy, loaded with all that melted cheese and juices from the tomato, and pepper.


Restaurant: Juliana's

Address19 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NYC, New York
Hours: 11:30 am to 11:00 pm

Date visited: 14 Dec 2014

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  1. Dear Tony,

    The new owner of Grimaldi obviously forgot to insert a non-compete clause in the Sale and Purchase Agreement...;-P


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