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Peter Luger Steak House, Brooklyn NYC New York

Peter Luger Steak House.

To many New Yorkers, this over 100 year old steak house established in 1887 is the City's best.


The One Michelin Star steak house is renowned for their Porterhouse Steak. The steak comes with a T bone - on one side the premium New York strip (fillet) and the other the tenderloin.


Peter Luger Steak House has been here near the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn for 127 years.


The line at opening time on Sunday lunch. It is best to make a reservation at least a couple of weeks ahead.

Based on casual observation while at the restaurant, tourists make up a substantial portion of Peter Luger's customers.


Inside Peter Luger there were several dining sections, all well appointed with lots of wood furnishings, panels and flooring, though nothing overly opulent. With lots of windows, the restaurant is quite bright during the day.

The dress code states coat for gentlemen but I did see some customers in more casual clothes. Peter Luger is a cash only establishment.


We requested for (what else?) Peter Luger's famed Porterhouse Steak (for two), USD89 (before tax and tips).

Peter Luger uses hand picked USDA prime beef and age their steaks in their own dry-aging room in the restaurant's basement. The number of days of aging a Peter Luger steak is a trade secret. No marinade is used to cook the steak. The steaks are just seasoned with a sprinkle of salt and given splashes of clarified butter after broiling.

There were some comments online that the level of service at Peter Luger was sometimes below expectations. I am glad that our waiter Armand was all smiles and his attentiveness added much to our enjoyment :-D


Our medium rare Porterhouse Steak - seared on the outside while the inside was pink and dripping crimson juices.

The steak come sizzling in clarified butter and pre-sliced in thick chunks.

The choice New York strip (fillet) was oh so marshmallow tender and dripping with natural savoury sweet beefy juices. The slight crisp and smokiness from the seared outside and charred edges added layers of flavour and texture to the steak.


The tenderloin was tender though firmer than the New York strip, was just as enjoyable.


I love dipping the pieces of steak in this golden blend of clarified butter and beefy juices. It's added more layers of savouriness to the steak enhancing it's already great flavours.

I enjoyed the steak very much. It's one of the best that I have tasted.


The steak was served with Peter Lugers' own signature sauce. It was a blend of savoury, sweet and tangy, and served chilled. I didn't use the sauce much (beyond tasting it) because I prefer to taste the natural flavours in my steak.


We also tried the sizzling thick-cut Canadian bacon appetiser.


Thick, moist, the pork belly meat was firm and intensely savoury.


A bit of Peter Luger's slightly tangy sauce balances the bacon's savouriness. This appetiser is a full meal for small eaters ;-D

Peter Luger is near the Brooklyn end of the Williamsburg Bridge and just a stone's throw from the Marcy Ave subway station.


Peter Luger is right across Broadway Ave from Weylin B. Seymour's event hall in the imposing restored Williamsburg Saving's Bank building.


We took the J Train to Brooklyn from Manhattan. It was very convenient and the ride took about 20 minutes.

Next time, the Peter Luger burger which was named the best burger in New York City 2014 by Zagat.

Restaurant name: Peter Luger Steak House

Address178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NYC New York
Hours: 10:45 am – 10:45 pm
Tel(718) 387-7400

Date visited: 28 Dec 2014 (Sunday)

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  1. This is one of the great steakhouses of New York City.


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