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Banh Mi Sai Gon @ Block 505 Ang Mo Kio · Cure for Vietnamese Sandwich Cravings in Singapore

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

I am a banh mi lover and when buddy Aaron declared that his Singapore favourite is from Banh Mi Sai Gon at block 505, Ang Mo Kio, I gladly jumped on the bandwagon (after he did all the hard work of tasting and filtering 😄 ). I tried Banh Mi Sai Gon today and it was the best that I had ever tasted so far. Disclaimer: I haven't eaten that many banh mi but have eaten them in Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, USA and Australia (both store and home made).

Stall name: Bánh Mì Sai Gon

Address: 505 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Singapore 560505

Nearest MRT: 10 minutes walk from Ang Mo Kio station

Hours: 9:00am - 8:00pm

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

Banh Mi Sai Gon is a food kiosk in a Vietnamese provision shop at the corner of block 505, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8.

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

Look for the cheery orange yellow signboard at the corner provision shop. The provision shop and banh mi kiosk are Vietnamese owned - the owners were at the shop and supported by Vietnamese staff (I mean to say Banh Mi Sai Gon's banh mi will be as similar as those in Ho Chi Minh City as you can get in Singapore).

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

Banh Mi Sai Gon have as much ingredients as those banh mi stalls I saw in Vietnam, though I can't say I saw that many lah.... .


I don't know the names of most of the ingredients (various cold cuts of Vietnamese ham, roast pork and pate) but Banh Mi Sai Gon have esoteric stuff like braised pig ears which means they are for real.

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

I am banh mi illiterate but fortunately the menu has pictures, numbers and a bit of English description.

I just opted for #1, the "Special great banh mi" though I have no idea what's inside.

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

There's a choice of spreads like house made mayo, sauces, and oils. 

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

Each banh mi is hand made individually on order.

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

If you are unsure, show the staff this picture and say you want "Aaron's banh mi". Aaron is a regular at Banh Mi Saigon. It is actually the savoury sweet non-spicy, non-sourish version of #1.

If you want extra spicy, just say you want "#1 spicy".

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

Banh Mi Sai Gon is a kiosk, so there are no dining facilities. Your banh mi will be packed in this colourful paper pocket for take away. If you request them to cut your banh mi in half, they will pack the two halves in separate plastic boxes.

Banh_Mi_Sai_Gon_505 Ang_Mo_Kio_Singapore

No dine in, no problem, we just take our banh mi to the nearest HDB void deck steps away to enjoy 😄

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

The baguette was toaster toasted before serving. It was lightly browned outside. The thin crust was crackly crisp. The inside was soft, airy light. The baguette tasted mildly sweet. Actually, I like my baguette crust a little thicker and bread a bit more chewy.

Don't wait too long to eat it, if you like your banh mi baguette to be at its crispiest. If the crust lose its crispness when you got home, just pop it back in the toaster for short while and it will be as crisp as new.

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

This is the "Aaron #1" version which is sans the salty, spicy, sourish spread. It's a stack of various cold cuts and vegetables slathered with pate, mayo, spreads, sauces and aromatic oils.

The fillings were soft-tender with layers of savoury umami sweetness. I enjoyed my banh mi lunch a lot. Next time, I shall add the salty spicy sour spread so that the banh mi will have more dimensions and something zesty to cut through the grease. 

For the price of $6.90, it was a huge sandwich - I didn't really need dinner anymore today.

Banh_Mi_SaiGon_505_Ang Mo_Kio_Singapore

My favourite banh mi, until I can find something I like better.

Looking back at my old posts, I realised that I have a post on a Banh Mi Saigon in New York City 👈 click


Written by Tony Boey on 31 Dec 2021

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