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What to Eat in Johor Bahru JB - Halal Food Picks


For centuries, Johor Bahru, the capital of Johor state has been a meeting place of peoples and culinary cultures from all directions. Jay Bee as the locals call their hometown is a melting pot of all kinds of culinary delights. Thousands of people come across the Causeway every day (especially on weekends) to enjoy food in Johor. Penang and Ipoh may be more famous but JB is Malaysia's most visited food destination. The JB food scene from street hawkers to fine dining thrives and grows with each day. Here's a sample of Halal food picks to whet your appetite and help you plan your next Jay Bee trip.

Hiap Joo Bakery | Jalan Tan Hiok Nee | 8am - 5pm | Sun off

It is fair to say that Hiap Joo is the most famous bakery in Johor Bahru. Started in 1919 by an English gentleman, the bakery in JB's historic old downtown uses a large wood fired wall oven. When the Englishman returned home, the bakery was sold to the father of the current owner. The vintage oven is still used to this day. Every day, long queues wait outside Hiap Joo while their banana cakes and buns are baked. These are mostly snapped up steaming hot by waiting customers, the moment they leave the famous oven. Click to read more 👈

Salahuddin Bakery | 28 Jalan Dhoby, JB | 8am - 2pm | Fri off

A stone's throw from Hiap Joo is Salahuddin Bakery which is the go to place for crispy, flaky old school Bengali curry puffs. The bakery was founded in 1937 and has been at the same spot - JB old town's laundry street, Jalan Dhoby - ever since. Here you'll find the only old style, coal fired wall oven still in use in Johor Bahru. Generations of Johoreans of all communities come here for freshly baked bread loaves, cream puffs and rolls. The vintage bakery attracts many tourists from across the Causeway and from out of state. Click to read more 👈

Restoran Wadi Hana Elarabi | 1, Jalan Pembangunan, Taman Desa Rahmat, JB | 12 noon - 12 midnight | Tues off

Founded just 3 years ago, popular Restoran Wadi Hana Elarabi specialises in Arabic and Egyptian cuisine. They are famous for their mandy (baked meats) and makloubeh dishes by Egyptian chefs. Makloubeh is made by cooking vegetables like egg plant with meat like lamb and chicken at the bottom of a pot with rice piled on top. When done, the dish is served by flipping the pot over thus presenting the cooked vegetables and meat on top. The natural juices now flow and trickle down through the fluffy rice. You can imagine how delicious a dish this ingenious technique creates. Click to read more 👈

Nasi Arab Al-Hanin | Jalan Simbang, Taman Perling, JB | 11am - 10pm 

Nasi Arab Al-Hanin serves makloubeh, mandy and kabsah. I like their mandy chicken which is tender, warm and so juicy inside with natural chicky flavour and subtle spicy notes. The fluffy bed of basmati rice is tenderly nutty to the bite with a mild savoury salty flavour. Click to read more 👈

Restoran Parsia |  Jalan Pendidikan 4, Taman Universiti | 11am - 11pm

Parsia Restaurant serves very good mandy (baked) chicken. In addition to that, do try their other Iranian dishes such as their juicy and flavourful Kudideh kebabs. There is a choice of lamb and chicken, and a mix of both, so we get the best of both worlds. The delicious juicy kebabs lay on a fluffy bed of aromatic softly nutty basmati rice perfumed with cheerful looking saffron. Click to read more 👈

Ponderosa Nasi Ambeng | Jalan Ponderosa 1, Taman Ponderosa | Lunch by booking at +6019 7588 037 only

Nasi ambeng originally from Java, Indonesia is a wonderful style of eating and bonding with family and friends. There are many meat, seafood and vegetable dishes with curries and spicy dips together on a large banana leaf. There's often spicy curry chicken, tender beef rendang, crunchy fried vegetables and more. Each dish is delicious in themselves but when mixed and eaten together, the level of enjoyment is taken to another higher level. Click to read more 👈

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