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Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup @ Famous Dart Fei Biao Noodle House | Taman Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru 飞镖

I was food spotting in Taman Sutera Utama when I stumbled upon this scene. The sign board says fish and soup and since I wasn't hungry, I thought this would do just fine for a quick lunch.

So I pulled over, and got down from the car to take a closer look. I was pleasantly surprised that Fei Biao 飞镖 Famous Dart offers fried fish in the milky kind of soup - one of my favourite style of fish soup that I have not seen in Johor before.

Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup

So I ordered this RM7.80 (2012 price) bowl of fried fish soup with thick bee hoon (rice vermicelli) - the way I am used to back in Singapore.

As you can see in the picture, Famous Dart's fish soup is garnished with cut spring onions, tomatoes, slices of green ginger, and shreds of preserved cabbage. What is not in the picture are small bits of grilled salted fish, and pork crackles.

Fried Fish Soup

It comes with five pieces of this fried hefty chunk of battered fresh fish meat.

Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup

The fish meat is super fresh. I could only taste its natural sweet flavour and feel its soft, juicy, tender and smooth texture. It has none of that tasteless, flaky, dry and stiff feel we sometimes get from stalls that use frozen fish.

Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup

The milky soup is just the right consistency - not too watery nor too thick. It has just the correct sweetness and flavour. The traces of pork lard added to the creamy flavour of the soup.

Famous Dart 飞镖 Fei Biao's fried fish bee hoon soup is as good as any of the best that I have tasted.

If only this also comes with those fiery hot cut red chili padi. I love the masochistic pleasure of burning my tongue with those fiery hot cut red chili padi and then dousing it and soothing the pain with milky soup and tender chunks of fresh fish. Never mind, that's just me. Ignore.

Restaurant name: Fei Biao 飞镖 Famous Dart Noodle House
Address: 87 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai, Johor
GPS: 1.514617,103.669465
Tel+6012 7650 459
Hours: 8:00am to 4:00am
Non Halal

Date visited: 28 Jan 2012

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  1. this is a must try! the fish looks very fresh and the milky soup, oh so good!

  2. My favourite restaurant in Sutera Mall area. Must eat place whenever we are in the area. Must try the fish head bee hoon. Place opens till 3.30am in the morning.

  3. Just had it today... the fish was on the dry side, there weren't any pork lard in the soup, and the garnishing was less compared to 2012, and no coriander haha... Oh, the new price in 2018 is now RM9.90.

    1. Thanks for the update. I haven't been to this restaurant for a very long time. Time for me to revisit.


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