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Hup Kee 合记 Wanton Mee (inside Heng Kee Coffee Shop) along Jalan Lumba Kuda in Johor Bahru (Closed)


Hup Kee 合记 is a small wanton mee stall run by a couple in their 60s or 70s tucked in the left hand corner of Heng Kee Coffee Shop.

Heng Kee is located along Jalan Lumba Kuda. When you go there in the morning, this is the coffee shop with the most people. Heng Kee has two stalls besides the usual drinks – one is Hup Kee and the other is Ah Soon Hakka noodles (which I cover in another post).


Look at this simple bowl of wanton mee. Isn’t it beautiful? There is so much pride in putting this together. The mound of noodles is perfectly formed and not a strand of noodle is out of place! The char siew slices were carefully arranged on top of the noodles and the chopped spring onions were nicely sprinkled on top of everything.

With so much heart and soul put into this, I was greatly anticipating the taste experience that I was going to have.


Indeed, the noodles were as delicious as it looked.

The noodles were relatively dry compared to others – the sauce was just sufficient to coat the noodles with a pleasant sesame oil fragrance and a touch of subtle saltiness. There was no excess sauce for the noodle to soak in. The noodles were springy and crunchy – the trade marks of good wanton mee.

The char siew was rather bland but it complemented the noodles well when it soaked up and was coated with the fragrant sauce.


The accompanying wanton soup was better. The soup was naturally tasty without hints of artificial flavouring like salt, sugar or MSG – evidence that it was brewed from fresh stock bones. The wanton skin and fillings were soft. The wanton skin, in particular, literary melts in the mouth.   

This piece of culinary art costs RM4.

I shall be back regularly to give my eyes and taste buds a treat.

(Afternote: When I revisited Hup Kee 合记 on 12 Sep 2012, I found out that the owners have retired. The wanton mee stall at Heng Kee kopitiam has been taken over by another hawker. I shall try the new stall soon.)


Restaurant name: Hup Kee 合记 Wanton Mee (inside Heng Kee Coffee Shop)
Address: 127, Jalan Lumba Kuda, 80300 Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.462680, 103.768352
Hours: Daily 7:00am till sold out (usually about noon) (Closed on Mondays)
Non Halal

Date visited: 3 Jan 2011

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