Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lontong Kering @ Warung Saga in Jalan Mahmoodiah, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Enjoy a unique Johor dish in a unique Johor Bahru warung.

Warung Saga is well known among JB foodies and JB residents for its traditional Malay fare.

Warung Saga is not easy to locate if you are going there for the first time. It is located at the junction of Jalan Mahmoodiah and Jalan Air Molek. Look out for RIMA College which is across Jalan Air Molek from Warung Saga.

Much have been written and said about the numerous photographs of dignitaries and celebrities that adorn every available wall and flat surface in Warung Saga.

Lontong Kering Johor Bahru

Warung Saga has no signboard, but once you step into it, these photographs will let you know that you've come to the right place.

Warung Saga's real claim to fame is their lontong kering.

Eating lontong kering is like enjoying a upscale version of kutupat (boiled compacted rice cakes) with the peanut sauce of satay (barbecue kebabs). Besides the peanut sauce - sambal, curried vegetables, fried tofu, an egg, and a piece of chicken are added. 

Though the sauce looks fiery, it is actually not overly spicy. The peanut sauce, sambal, vegetable, egg and chicken complements the soft, pearly white, plain rice cakes perfectly. Every mouthful is full of flavour and varied textures from the mix of ingredients and spices in this dish.

If you have not tried lontong kering, Warung Saga is highly recommended - it might even become one of your favourites.

Besides the delicious food, I also love the unique ambiance in Warung Saga - those photographs on the walls did give this place a certain dignified charm. The atmosphere is cool, easy going and cheerful - the perfect place for a relaxing break and chit chat.


Many people have asked about why this stall is called Warung Saga. There are many theories including one that it is named after the large pokok Saga tree outside the stall. 

So, I asked Enche Ismail himself for the answer. It turned out to be very simple. Warung Saga is named after the car Proton Saga which was launched around the same time that Enche Ismail opened his stall on 19 January 1986.

I must come back for Warung Saga's famed nasi lemak, laksa Johor, tauhu bakar and satay.

Restaurant name: Warung Saga
Address: 5, Jalan Mahmoodiah, Johor Baru
GPS: 1.465533,103.753075
Hours: 7:00am to midnight (closed on Fri)

Date visited: 25 Jan 2012

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  1. I went there this morning, but to my disappointment, it was closed. I checked with the Kedai Runcit guy next door and he told me that they are closed every Friday. FYI.

    1. Thank you for your info. I have updated the post. Sorry that you missed your food.

  2. FYI: Sadly Pak Mail just passed away :(

    1. Sorry for the sad news. My condolences to Pak Mail's family and may he Rest in Peace.

    2. Sorry for the sad news. My condolences to Pak Mail's family and may he Rest in Peace.

  3. After the passing of the owner, food is not the same


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