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Hiap Joo 协裕 Bakery and Biscuit Factory in Johor Bahru Old Town - Heritage Trail Edition



Johor Bahru, 25 Jan 1966.  Today, I performed my weekly ritual of going to the famous Hiap Joo bakery in downtown JB to buy bread and cakes for the family.


I like to go there with my trusty motor bike as downtown JB is very congested and it is really difficult to find a parking space for a car. With my bike, I can just park it on the curb at Kin Wah coffee shop just across Hiap Joo. I dash into Hiap Joo, make a quick purchase and off I go - just like the way many of Hiap Joo's regular customers do.

This wood fired oven has been the centre piece at Hiap Joo since 1928


To do this with precision and to get the freshest cakes and pastries, I know exactly when Hiap Joo's confectioneries will be taken out of the oven each day. The earliest batch of cakes and pastries leave the oven at about 12:30pm and the last about 2:30pm.

This large golden brown slab of banana cake at 50 sens

Hiap Joo makes a wide range of confectioneries and I am a die hard fan of their soft and moist freshly baked banana cakes. I can never get enough of these soft, feathery, melt in your mouth, fluffy fragrant cakes made with real bananas and with no preservatives or artificial flavourings. I also like the subtle smokey flavour from the browned skin.


At Hiap Joo, the whole family chips in to make the confectioneries every day. It is a heartwarming scene, that is a joy to watch.


The slabs of banana cakes are cut into bite size pieces by hand with amazing precision. Each piece is exactly the same size, reflecting the quiet pride and dedication that Hiap Joo put into their products. This commitment is ultimately reflected in the quality and taste of Hiap Joo's cakes and pastries that we enjoy so much.

I am sure to be a life long customer of Hiap Joo's, and hopefully my future generations too.

After note: Hiap Joo has remained true to its tradition over all these years. Prices, however, has kept up with the times. The slab of banana cake now sells at RM8.

->> Enjoy tradition, heritage and delicious food all at once.

Name: Hiap Joo Bakery and Biscuit Factory
Address: 13, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, 8000 Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.456701,103.764421
Hours: Daily 8:00am to 6:00pm (closed on Sunday)

Date visited: 25 Jan 1966 (imagine lah!)


  1. Tried their banana it as it was not too sweet and soft, not oily and made from fresh banana..does not taste like more to banana essence as what we get from market..tried their coconut bun as well..if slightly juicier will be ichiban :)


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