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Wanton Mee @ Restoran Ah Piaw 阿標雲吞面 in Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru

Wanton noodles personally prepared by Ah Piaw 阿標

Ah Piaw wanton noodles 阿標雲吞面 in Taman Sri Tebrau ranks with the best wanton mee stalls in JB. (Ah Piaw has three shop lots along the same street Jalan Keris, right opposite the prominent building Wisma Tiong Hua.)

Ah Piaw 阿標 the wanton noodle master.

This well deserved reputation of being among JB's best wanton noodle shops comes from 17 years of hard work and dedication by Ah Piaw 阿標.

Wanton noodles prepared by Ah Piaw's well trained disciples are just as good.

Ah Piaw’s self made noodles are distinctive because they are slightly skinnier than those of other good wanton mee stalls. The popular noodles are just as crunchy and springy as the best, and the texture is a little different because of the more slender strands.

Ah Piaw’s sauce is fragrant with sesame oil and lard. Ah Piaw's sauce is also slightly tangy and spicier than the others because of more chili added. There is just enough sauce to coat the noodles plus a little more, but it is not the drippier kind found elsewhere.

The char siew slices are the drier type which is quite typical of JB wanton mee. 

Ah Piaw's wantons 雲吞 are one of the best in JB.

For RM5.50, the noodles come with a bowl of tasty anchovy flavoured soup with eight good sized, meaty wantons.

The wanton fillings of minced pork seasoned with sesame oil and pepper are sweet, fragrant and soft.

The wanton skin is ultra thin and smooth. The skin melts in your mouth, presenting you the delicious pork fillings it hides inside.

Ah Piaw 阿標 is definitely a top choice when I want to showcase JB wanton mee to friends.

Restaurant name: Restoran Ah Piaw 阿標雲吞面
Address: Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.486855,103.769264
Hours: 24 hours
Non Halal

Date visited: 13 Jan 2012, 14 Aug 2012


  1. Bro JK, the operating hrs is 12 midnite till the following morning at 10.30 am..

    Good wonton mee although the char siew is rather thin..

  2. Thanks Mike, Appreciate your info ;D I got to check their business hours again. The last time I was at Ah Piaw, I was eating at 1230 (lunch time).

  3. Hi Mike, I checked with restaurant staff on 29 May and was informed that they are now open 24-hours ;D

  4. Hi, may I check if the restaurant still in operation now? I dropped by a few times by the restaurant were closed.

  5. Are they still open now? I dropped by a few times the restaurant were closed.

  6. any recommend for similar type of noodle texture elsewhere. i just eat ah piaw wan ton noodle all these years that i do not bother other places...

    1. This is similar.


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