Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Kacang Pool @ Kacang Pool Haji in Selera Johor (Plaza Larkin) in Johor Bahru

Heard a lot of good things about a popular snack known as kacang pool which is originally from Egypt.

So, I tried it today at Kacang Pool Haji located at Selera Johor food centre next to Plaza Larkin in Johor Bahru.

The kacang pool set comprises a bowl of gravy, a sunshine egg, and a (very) thick white bread toast topped with melted butter. The set costs RM4.

The heavy gravy is made mainly with ground broad beans and minced beef blended with curry spices, and fresh onions, garlic, chillies, and eggs. 

Kacang pool is eaten by breaking the bread and dipping it in the gravy.

The butter toast coated with the spicy, nutty gravy makes a delicious snack. The gravy is thick and grainy but not coarse. It has a unique spicy, full bodied flavour, and a nutty taste and texture.

Definitely one of my favourite tea time snacks - perfect for tête-à-têtes with friends.

Restaurant name: Kacang Pool Haji
Address: K14, Selera Johor (next to Plaza Larkin)
GPS: 1.497875,103.743231
Hours: Daily

Date visited: 18 Jan 2012


  1. my fav kacang pool too... have u tried the laksa johor opposite this shop? the other corner of this medan selera... it's the best commercially available laksa johor in jb IMHO ;p

    1. oh I have not. Shall try it next time :)


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