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Oriental Kopi Johor • Egg Tart, Nanyang Coffee & Teh, Toasts & Malaysian Delights 华阳南洋茶室

Oriental Kopi Johor Jaya branch has been my regular Nanyang coffee and teh (tea) haunt in Johor since the borders reopened post Covid pandemic. The coffee, tea & food are good, service attentive, environment is clean, spacious, cool, filled with nice hyperlocal atmospherics, and prices are very reasonable.

Restaurant name: Oriental Kopi @ Johor Jaya 华阳

Address: 30, Jalan Dedap 22, Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel: 011 2888 6363

Hours: 7:00am - 9:00pm

On weekdays, Oriental Kopi have a breakfast set with coffee or tea, kaya butter toast and two soft boiled eggs for RM8.90. It keeps me coming back and I believe packs in the Johor Jaya breakfast crowd too.

Their toast is nicely browned, light, and airy crisp. The kaya (coconut jam) is fresh and not overly sweet. They are generous with the butter which gives the kaya toast a nice savoury, smooth butteriness that's perfect with my usual kopi C kosong kaw.

The pair of soft boiled eggs are done just right. With a dash of light soy sauce and a puff of white pepper, I drink my soft boiled eggs like a thick soup 😬

I also love Oriental Kopi's sweet savoury polo bun because they are generous with their thick savoury smooth butter.

Oriental Kopi is famous for their freshly baked egg tarts.

It's the thickest, deepest custard in an egg tart that I've ever seen anywhere in the world. Like that win already loh.... as we say in Singapore.

The custard is creamy (not jiggly soft), eggy and not overly sweet. The savoury layered pastry cup is thin, a little too thin for me as I enjoy buttery puff crusts.

Nevermind, this is still among the best egg tart that I have eaten anywhere.

Okok... the best is still the egg tart from Xiamen Airlines but that is not for sale 😬

They have a nice blend of Nanyang roast. Gently bitter, sweetened with milk or sugar. Love their kopi C kosong kaw and even their kopi tit lo siew tai (coffee with no added water and little sugar).

Besides coffee, toasts and pastries, Oriental Kopi has a wide range of local delights like those in traditional Malaysian kopitiam e.g. nasi lemak, mee rebus, mee siam, lontong, etc. 

Oriental Kopi's dry mee siam is well spiced and tastes robustly savoury spicy. Eva love it.

Their Penang (Hokkien) prawn noodle is pretty good too. Nice round body, rich with robust crustacean umami savoury soup. Can taste the prawn heads.  But, gotta deduct some points for using tasteless, no aroma factory fried shallots 😬

After we finished our drinks, toasts, tarts, and noodles, the ladies asked for the menu again 🤭😰🤦

Respect 🙇‍♂️

Johor Bahru has many rustic hip Nanyang style coffee shops. Actually, they now draw bigger crowds than gritty old school kopitiam. 

Oriental Kopi is among the top of my mind for one of the best combinations of quality and range of food, drink, service, comfort, cleanliness, ambiance and affordability.

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